4 Rifles That Are Efficient And Economical

It’s no secret that hunting might just be one of the most exhilarating, yet expensive, lifestyles to date.  From purchasing a new tree stand, to being geared up with clothing that will keep you warm, it seems that there is always something us hunters and huntresses are willing to spend our money on.  And with gun season right around the corner, we wanted to give you the in’s and out’s on our favorite rifles that are efficient and won’t break the bank.

Mossberg Patriot Synthetic Kryptek Highlander

Price: $436

Bought At: Mossberg

Why We Like It: The Mossberg Patriot Highlander is a highly-affordable rifle that is field ready with some attitude.  It is designed exceptionally well with Kryptek camo and an adjustable trigger for an easy-to-use capability. We highly recommend this rifle as it is can be described as your basic, go-to hunting rifle.  It will get the job done, and fill your freezer.

Winchester XPR Mountain Hunter Country Range

Price: $599.99

Bought At: Winchester Guns

Why We Like It: The advanced polymer stock with Mossy Oak camo finish is built to be precise and reliable.  This rifle is known for its excellent grip in wet conditions and will stand up to the scratches and bumps you're bound to encounter on the stalk or on the walk to the stand. Chambered for the .243 Winchester, this rifle has a superior cartridge for any deer.  You are sure to see success with this well-constructed rifle.

Ruger American Rifle Standard Bolt-Action Rifle

Price: $419.99

Bought At: Bass Pro

Why We Like It: This bolt-action rifle is built with modern materials to help shooters get the most they can out of an economical firearm.  The Ruger used a 3-lug bolt design, which provides hunters with clearance for their fingers, keeping it out of the way of the handle and scope.  This rifle is lightweight, and accurate, making it ideal for the rugged weather that the outdoors can provide us with. Ultimately, this lightweight and innovative rifle will help you land a big buck.

Howa Rifles  – Build Your Own

Price: $800

Bought At: Brownells

Why We Like It: Although this is the most expensive of our top rifles, we feel that it was an important one to include.  Many hunters have adapted over to building their own AR 15 rifles, and you can actually build your own deer rifle too. Howa sells actions that are already barreled, allowing you to select chambering, stock, trigger, and other components of your liking.  Considering you can choose amongst well-designed products at your preference, we believe you will have great luck shooting your rifle that you constructed.

Although there are most likely so many economical rifles out there that we didn’t list, we do feel that these 4 rifles are good options when it comes to not breaking the bank.  You do not need to spend $1000+ to get the job done. Just remember to know types of accessories you prefer, understand what type of species you will be hunting, and understand your budget.  Good luck hunters, and shoot straight.