Predator Hunting - Why It's Important To Do & Tips To Be Successful


Predator hunting has become increasingly popular in more recent years. Whether or not it is because hunters do not want their beloved whitetail tracked down or they find a thrill in harvesting a nice ‘yote, it does have some significant importance to it, and should be more highly looked upon.

Below, we have broken down 4 crucial reasons of why it is important to predator hunt and 4 different strategies of how to be more successful when hunting for this particular game.

Why it is Important to Predator Hunt

  1. They Spread Disease

    First and foremost, one of the most crucial reasons that makes predator hunting important is that they can spread disease to other game.

    Just like dogs, coyotes are subject to many diseases you may have heard of before, such as distemper, rabies, parvo, and even lice, fleas, and worms. These diseases are easily passed, not only to other game, but also to dogs that may be outside frequently, and then, people. Even further, considering the coyote population has vastly grown through out the years, starvation has became a rising problem amongst the animals. With less food for them to eat, they start resorting towards any available game, making these diseases even more at risk of spreading.

  2. They Eat our Game

    Secondly, coyotes (as stated above) have resorted to eating game that us hunters love to hunt. Considering they are predators, in the animal kingdom they are looked at as hunters just like we are. Therefore, deer, turkeys, ducks, and rabbits are all in their chief source of nutrients, making our games populations on the decline if it does not get controlled.

  3. They Adapt Quickly to Their Environments

    Coyotes are not shy, making them easily adaptable in unknown environments. They will search to make ends meet for their sense of living, causing them to raid farms and homes to eat, making them even more important to control. No one wants to lose their family pet or livestock.

  4. They Should be Managed, Too

    Finally, like any other species, they must be managed as well. Although coyotes are not considered native to all 50 states, they are surely making their way across they country and must be controlled.

Now that you understand more of the reasoning as to why you should predator hunt, here are some tips to help you be successful and land a nice ‘yote.

Tips to be Successful Predator Hunting

  1. Dress for the Weather

    Many successful coyote hunts happen on those cold and snowy winter days. The coyotes are vulnerable, as they are seeking food and running low on energy, causing them to be constantly searching their area for their next snack. This means you must dress for the weather. Although the snow can provide you with a great advantage, as you can much more easily identify their travel routes, it can also leave you feeling cold and vulnerable. Layers are a must in thee conditions, and sweat-wicking clothes are going to provide you with the most comfort. Sitting still for 20 or more minutes can cause you to freeze up, however, you do not want to build up perspiration once you move onto the next area or next stand.

  2. Be Conscious of Where you Park

    This tips goes for all game, however, you cannot kill a ‘yote that is already aware of your presence in the area. Therefore, be mindful of where you are parking and how loud you are on the way in. Remaining undetected is going to be crucial for your success. Attempt to park as far away as you possibly can from the area that you are going to hunt in order to properly walk into the area. We like to mark where our truck is on our HuntWise map and create a walking path as we are entering the area. This hleps us better access our truck after the hunt, and then not have to worry whether or not we remember how to get back there.

3. Be Patient

As with any hunting, you must be patient. Coyote hunting is very different than any other game, as they are quick, clever, and can tease you very easily. Make sure to stay alert, and not be weary when one passes you in the blink of an eye. Stay calm and confident.

4. Walk Into the Wind

Coyotes have a terrific sense of smell and their noses work overtime if need be. After all, they are canines and you can’t call a coyote in that already smells your presence. Therefore, went hunting these predators, walk into the wind to help your scent blow properly. Use your HuntWise app ScentDrift to make sure you are walking into the wind to help better your chances at calling in a coyote.

blake 17.jpg

Overall, we want to see you succeed afield. Whether you’ve been hunting for 20 years or this is your first season, we want everyone to feel prepared and ready to harvest the game of their dreams. And with this information, we are sure you will see success out in the woods. Download your HuntWise app, get ready to mark you stands, and be ready to harvest your game.

Good luck hunters, and shoot straight.