Hog Hunting: 12 States Where You Can Hunt Them Year Round & Why You Should


Hog hunting is growing, and it’s growing fast. Throughout the United States, the number of wild hogs has been rapidly increasing over the years, which has caused the game to be much more popular to trap or hunt. Not only is it important to keep the numbers in check and help control the population, but also many hunters see hog hunting as a way to help protect their crops, property, etc.

Recent statistics have stated that if over 50 percent of the hog population is not taken throughout the year, the numbers can grow even more rapidly. Therefore, many states have added regulations with the popularity of hog hunting, however, there are 12 states that will allow you to hunt these wild pigs year round, and that is surely something to take advantage of if you have yet to hog hunt.

What States You Can Hunt Hogs Year Round

hog hunting map.png

The following states allow you to hunt wild pigs year round, however, some do have specific requirements or regulations.





Michigan (allowed to hunt during open season for other any other game)

New Mexico

North Carolina


South Carolina (allowed to hunt during open season for other game on permitted WMA or year round on private property)




Now that you know where you can go for a wild pig hunt year round, we want to tell you why you should consider jumping on the popularity train of hunting this game.

Why You Should Hog Hunt

Year Round Opportunity

One of the first, and probably most fun, reasons you should try hog hunting is the reason that there is so much year round opportunity to hunt this game.  Let’s face it, the wait for fall deer season is extremely long in the eyes of a hunter, and it can feel like forever. From turkey hunting in the spring, to even fishing in the summer, you can easily keep busy, however, you soon will be done with that season and start the wait until the next just like you were with whitetail. Therefore, hog hunting can give you that same thrill and let you sharpen up on your skills for the next major hunting season year round.  Again, you will want to check your state regulations, or visit one of the 12 states above and make a trip out of it, but, there is a lot of opportunity around you.

Damage Control

The next major reason is that hogs can cause a lot of damage.  Whether they cause damage to your crops, to your cattle, or to your property, they are very harmful.  A recent statistic from the Mississippi State University Center for Resolving Human-Wildlife Conflict stated that “a conservative estimate of the cost of wild pig damage to agriculture and the environment in the United States currently stands at $1.5 billion annually (read more on this here).”  Therefore, it is very important that this population is controlled as they are causing much harm and damage to both our agriculture and environment.


It’s Actually Tasty

Finally, the last reason you should hog hunt is that it fills your freezer. Eating wild hog has actually been known to be a very delicious cut of meat. From sausage cuts to pulled pork sandwiches, this game can be helpful to fill your freezer when deer or turkey season is not here quite yet. To read some of our favorite recipes from Real Tree’s Timber Table, click here.

Overall, we want to see you be successful afield, and we want you to expand your horizons in the realm of hunting.  Don’t wait and wish for a specific season to come when you could be sharpening up your skills by practicing another season.  Take this “off-season” as a time to hunt other game, and fine-tune your skills. Check out the predictions in your area for wild boar by using the HuntWise app.  You might be surprised by how popular they are in your area.

Good luck hunters, and shoot straight.